This project focuses on filling the gap that currently exists among the LEA, hotlines and various organizations and associations, which are activated in the war against children’s online crimes. To achieve this, it proposes the design, build and pilot study of a software platform that: a) provides intelligent analysis of the collected and maintained data regarding crime events at EU and International level; b) performs automated monitoring and inspection of online contents in social media, blogs, underground communities, etc.; c) produces automatic decisions on crimes or formal reports that give guidelines and evidences to LEAs in preventing, investigating and fighting online children’s crime; and d) exploiting the databases retained by hot lines and LEAs, as well as enabling users to report illegal events. The proposed platform will interconnect and cooperate with the existing infrastructures of hot lines and LEAs at European level providing add-on features.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • To build and strengthen the capabilities of LEAs, asoociations, organizations and EU bodies, including the Global Alliance against Child Sexual Abuse in order to strategically combat children’s online crimes.
  • To assist LEAs in automatically detecting online illegal data from social media, blogs, underground communities etc., and determine investigation priorities.
  • To introduce the latest achievements of ICT in data mining, intelligence, correlation, classification, automatic monitoring, decision making, report producing, etc., in combating crimes.
  • To facilitate the formal exchange of compiled information produced by the intelligent analysis of online contents, amongst all stakeholders in order to enhance collaboration and effectively counteract crimes.
  • To strengthen the mission of the recently founded European Cybercrime Center, by producing strategic reports on crimes’ trends and emerging threats in order to provide comparable statistics among Member States.

Co-funded by the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme of the European Union

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