Project Deliverables

In order to request a copy of the deliverables, please use the contact form.


Deliverables within this WP are available upon request

  • D.1.1 – Cybercrime Threats and Patterns
  • D.1.2 – Citizens’ Reporting Requirements
  • D.1.3 – Law Enforcement Agents Reporting Requirements
  • D.1.4 – Requirements Workshop – Cyprus
  • D.1.5 –  Platform Requirements



  • D.2.1 – Platform’s Architecture
  • D.2.2 – Design and Development of Open Platform Component
  • D.2.3 – Design and Development of Analysis Platform Component
  • D.2.4 – Design and Development of Intelligent Classification Component
  • D.2.5 –  Integration, Testing and Validation



  • D.3.1 – Pilot Platform Operation at Partner’s Country Level (Deliverable is available upon request)
  • D.3.2 – Pilot Demonstration & Dissemination Workshop – Brussels (Deliverable is available upon request)
  • D.3.3 – Pilot Platform Operation at EU level




  • D.4.1 – Website  (Deliverable is available upon request)
  • D.4.2 – Newsletters, RSS Syndication & Social Media
  • D.4.3 – Participation to Scientific Conferences and Workshops
  • D.4.4 -1st Platform Demonstration & Dissemination Workshop – Rome (Deliverable is available upon request)
  • D.4.5 –  Final Platform Demonstration & Dissemination Workshop – Greece



Co-funded by the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme of the European Union

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