The work of the project is broken down into five Work Packages:


WP0. Management and Coordination of the Project

WP0 is focusing on the continuous support and effective management of the UINFC2 project with multiple objectives: i) ensure smooth and seamless execution of the project activities in a timely manner through their continuous monitoring and evaluation, ii) provide trustworthy management for the project’s financial issues and iii) report project’s progress to E.C.


WP1. Requirements

The objective of this WP is to provide a clear, consistent and complete system-level requirements specification, as the base for the design of UINFC2 components. It will study all emerging cybercrime threats as well as the related patterns that these take place, determining the requirements from both the citizens’ as well as LEAs point of view. These requirements will be evaluated and finalized, during a dedicated workshop, providing the high-level architecture of the UINFC 2 platform.


WP2. Development

Beginning with the architectural design, the objective of this WP is to design, develop, test, integrate and validate all software components comprising the UINFC2 platform. UINFC2, mainly, consists of three basic discrete software modules, that will be designed and developed in parallel, and, finally, will be integrated and tested. The platform’s development will be carried out in two consecutive phases. During the first phase, the platform’s functionality, derived from the overall requirements – specification, will be produced within the first year of the project. Then, after the Platform Demonstration and Dissemination Workshop and during the Pilot demonstration, performed in WP3, the UINFC2 implementation will be upgraded, refined and extended towards improving its functionality, based on the initial outcomes as well as the stakeholders’ and users’ comments.


WP3. Pilot


The main objective of this WP is to demonstrate and validate the UINFC2 platform’s features and capabilities, in a real world environment. The planned pilots will be performed in two phases. The initial one will be performed at the national level of each partner with the participation of all the involved stakeholders. This pilot will provide useful feedback and input for possible improvements and alterations that will take place in the ongoing development, testing and validation activities of WP2. The results and conclusions of the first pilot will be presented at the Pilot Demonstration and Dissemination Workshop. The outcome of this workshop will also be considered as an external evaluation of the platform, since it will be subjected to comments, insights, proposals and constructive criticism. Finally, a Pan-European pilot will be performed, where all European stakeholders  will be able to utilize, have hands-on involvement and participation, test and exploit platform’s functionalities.


WP4. Dissemination

The objective of this WP is to: a) diffuse the UINFC2 project objectives at European and International level; b) engage citizens, National and European Law Enforcement Agencies, National Alert Platforms and Hotlines, Members of Safer Internet Programme and INHOPE Network, and European initiatives for the protection of children on the Internet to participate, thus providing input to the project operations; c) provide success stories from real world cases and pilot operations, d) raise awareness on cybercrime and online child exploitation identification, prevention and reporting and e) promote cooperation and coordination among Law Enforcement Agencies, National Authorities and related Union bodies.


Co-funded by the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme of the European Union

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